Sunday, November 1, 2015

XLP Publishes 2015-2016 Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Report

XLP Strategy’s Research Group is pleased to announce the release of the first annual cryptocurrency and blockchain technology report, entitled “Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Landscape.” The report reflects increased interest in the state of software, hardware, and algorithmic technologies driving tools, open source software, and technology companies. The report follows increased coverage of blockchain technology in financial services, fintech professional communities, and in emerging venture capital funds.

The 50 page report provides and in-depth review of all technologies involved with delivering blockchain functionality. The report is geared at executives of leading financial service institutions and investors hoping to capitalize on emerging fintech opportunities. XLP Strategy utilized its cutting edge “big data” analytical methods and visualization tools to reverse engineer the bitcoin source code, prioritizing and ranking the sub-technologies required to implement and translate the blockchain algorithm to other generalized commodities and securities. Special attention is paid to applying blockchain toderivatives markets, oil & gas, commodities, and dark pool trading consolidation opportunities.

The report attempts to “de-jargon” an already complex field and translate the technical language of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (including Ripple and Litecoin) into financial service language used by executives, IT professionals, and traders of today’s leading firms. Consequently, the report is designed for an executive audience.

Selected analyses from the research include:
  • A ranked list of all prioritized conversations, debates, and opinion leaders on the bitcoin wiki
  • Architectural analysis of the blockchain algorithm, including proximate technologies required to implement a new chain
  • Extraction of the ~30 key files and functions in the leading cryptocurrency source codes required to port to a new commodity
  • Overview and summary of the relative patenting levels in the cryptocurrency technology area, as well as adjacent technologies
  • Prioritization of the leading blockchain patent holders, non-obvious technology holders with rights and potential infringement claims on blockchain implementations
  • List of leading granted patents and applications covering transactions, blockchain-enabled exchanges, security and ewallet technologies
  • Market size of all leading cryptocurrencies, including analysis of buying power, liquidity, units, market cap, and differentiating technology features
  • Table and visualization of venture capital investment into the cryptocurrency market
  • Prioritization and ranking of leading venture investments, venture funds, entrepreneurs, and acquisition candidates
  • Overview of next-gen technologies that will support blockchain implementations by leading financial service institutions
  • A survey of the ~10 emerging business models, including a list and review of potential business opportunities and strategic scenarios for leading financial service institutions

Included in this report are a 50 analyst report, all accompanying Excel spreadsheets with original data, and scheduled interviews with XLP Strategy research analysts.

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